South East Coast District - Florida Shuffleboard Association

District Officers:

President:   Roger Smith

1st Vice President:   Richard Curtis

2nd Vice President:  Frank Lamb

3rd Vice President:   Ron Vaughn

Treasurer:   Charles Busscher

Secretary:   Gloria Murdoch

State Delegate:   Ken Offenther

Alt. State Delegate:   Ray Tousignant

Dist. Tournament Directors:  Jay Fitzpatrick; Richard Curtis; Mary Curtis; Frank Dennis

Keeper of Records / Web Master:  Richard Curtis (

The SECD MASTER's Tournament held  at Hollywood, was a FULL 3 day event. Congratulations to ALL Participants. Check out the Tournament Results page to see the results. 

The Officers of the SECD want to thank all of you for your support and participation in this year's scheduled tournaments. 

We hope you all had a great Shuffleboard Season and wish you the best during the Summer months!